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    studies case logistics

    Shipper: Global producer of pork snack products, Evans Food Group Challenge: Evans Food Group was charged with identifying proactive ways to cut costs and improve efficiencies throughout its supply chain.Read more about this case study Total Logistics was appointed to review Fat Face’s current warehousing operations, with the remit to offer advice on the company’s supply chain strategy moving forward, avoiding the need to utilise expensive, short-term facilities.3PL is now widely used in the field of logistics and supply chain management. Being a versatile and experienced forwarder, MASkargo Logistics had been given another challenge to manage an operation. is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative high performance drilling fluids solutions and state-of-the-art drilling waste management services.The UK Department for Transport (Df T) was commissioned by Sir Roy Mc Nulty to examine the overall cost and structure of all railway network elements in Great Britain (GB) and identify options for improving value for money to rail passengers and the taxpayer, while continuing to expand rail capacity and improve passenger satisfaction.The relationship has been very successful and we are now their preferred provider for all freight and logistics services within Europe handling the full product range.Read more about this case study Grahams needed a strategic approach to warehouse and supply chain planning to give a high level of flexibility.This effort resulted in improved customer service and logistics cost savings in excess of 27%.KAG Logistics uses industry leading technology to monitor the transportation of our customer's fuel from dispatch to delivery.(April 16, 2014)Wasp's asset tracking software, Mobile Asset, helps the City of Dallas track items like armored SWAT vehicles, police radios, GPS systems, and laptops -- ensuring that items essential to the city's security can always be located.An industrial products manufacturer needed to close three plants in Ohio and Tennessee.
    • IBS is a leading global provider of new generation IT solutions to the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industries. A specialist in the domain, IBS offers a range.
    • When Imperial Heath Sciences client Valeant Pharmaceuticals International acquired vision care company Bausch & Lomb, it was faced with the complex challenges that.
    • Case studies of Daifuku BCS projects and systems. For example bag drop system of Air New Zealand or on Hong Kong International Airport.
    • All Pro Freight Systems, Inc Case Study. Learn how All Pro Freight Systems, Inc used software and solutions from TMW Systems to improve its transportation management.

    studies case logistics

    Learn why KANE received the retailer’s Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board This integrated solution for warehousing and direct-to-store delivery of wine and spirits optimizes cost and service.We will then e-mail a clean copy of the pdf file (without the 'Do Not Copy' watermark) to you, so that you can make the number of copies required.In 2005, a medical device company received FDA approval for a novel home medical treatment that made it much easier for patients to administer their own therapy in the privacy and comfort of their homes.A., which operates in 28 countries, engaged Total Logistics to advise on the building of a storage facility in Romania that would meet its high standards of environmental protection and its needs for efficiency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility...One of southern Florida’s largest healthcare systems required the help of a professional medical delivery specialist to consolidate stops and cut costs.In order to operate successfully under such restrictions, it is critical that the business maintains a clear understanding of cost levels relative to industry comparators, and that it manages costs across its extensive operations, identifying and implementing best practices, and addressing areas of underperformance.Columbian Logistics Management stepped up to the plate when Bullboxer USA needed a managed solution for a significant supply chain challenge.Results: Zipline Logistics leveraged its business intelligence tool KANOPI to identify $1.2 million in transportation savings for its customer.To see more Case Studies, which are specifically relevant to you, please select either a service type or industry sector from the drop-down lists below.Learn how strategic use of rail for cross-country moves helped to reduce costs and drive down CO2 emissions.

    studies case logistics

    The outcome was that the company could best service their GB customers from their current NI depot, but making maximum use of the agreed order cycle time days.A lack of route optimization software led to out-of-control logistics costs for Optimum Dental Studio, so the company turned to Maxoptra to optimize routing to serve dental offices and their patients.With the help of Simpler Consulting, Apex adopted Lean management principles to transform its culture and return the company to a path of growth.Eroski is a Spanish supermarket chain with nearly 1,000 outlets spread across Spain (excluding franchises), ranging in size from the largest hypermarkets to smaller Eroski Center and Eroski City stores.The Logistics Business believes that good relationship management is the key to a successful outsourcing practice. Read More The majority of medium to large Warehouse Management systems (WMS) have been around for quite some time now in a variety of guises.For a light engineering company in Northern Ireland, the Logistics Consultants were asked to evaluate the benefits of, and identify the optimum location of, one or more depots to service the GB market.Goals were set to minimize use of LTL, lower landed costs, increase overall production efficiency, improve dock utilization, and allow for more flexibility.

    studies case logistics studies case logistics

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