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    pros of animal testing essay

    Unfortunately, neither seem to fully tip the scale to a side that pleases everyone – including the general public, government and scientists. Helps researchers to find drugs and treatments: The major pro for animal testing is that it aids researchers in finding drugs and treatments to improve health and medicine. Sometimes they are written as part of the homework and assignments. You can also enhance your knowledge by writing on a specific topic. In addition, according to the United States Department of Agriculture 6% of all animals tested experience painful experiments that require suffering.After your research, you should end up with a definite conclusion and have a general vision of how your animal testing essay will look like. We can assign one of our professional writers to work for you.When testing medicines for potential toxicity, the lives of human volunteers should not be put in danger unnecessarily.If vaccines were not tested on animals, millions of animals would have died from rabies, distemper, feline leukemia, infectious hepatitis virus, tetanus, anthrax, and canine parvo virus.Living systems like human beings and animals are extremely complex.In fact, about 97% of the physicians also supported the continuous use of animals for clinical and basic research.Another issue is that sometimes an experiment on animals gives us the wrong result because animals’ bodies are not exactly the same as our own.Animal research has been a heated discussion for the past fifty years.Hence, several regulations have been put in place that evaluate and control animal testing in laboratories.
    • Radiation research All or part of an animal's body is subjected to radiation or. Advocates of the Benefits Argument insist that the laws regulating vivisection are. The present essay adapts material from my “Empty Cages Animal Rights.
    • Even the most widely respected textbook on animal experimentation states. opposed to experiments on animals, even if they are of supposed medical benefit.
    • The primary biomedical benefits of cloning stem more from the use of this. an animal that mimics the behavior or responses of the human body for testing the.
    • Nov 11, 2013. This essay is adapted from one that appeared in Bekoff's column Animal. While most researchers who support animal testing seem to feel this is a. considers the pros and cons of animal testing in considerable detail. I hope.

    pros of animal testing essay

    It would be unethical to perform invasive experimental procedures on human beings before the methods have been tested on animals, and some experiments involve genetic manipulation that would be unacceptable to impose on human subjects before animal testing.Then animal testing doesn't seem to be a large price to pay.Received the assignment to write an essay on animal testing? Start reading articles, books, magazines in this field, visit some “green” sites.It is often said that animals should not be used in testing because it is cruel and unnecessary.Others endorse a view closer to the middle of the spectrum.On the other hand, others feel that there are good arguments against this.The tests have to be continued in order to detect information on major health problems such as liver damage, elevated blood pressure, nerve damage, damage to the fetus, etc., that can be caused by the use of drugs.The topic of vivisection has caused a lot of controversy throughout the scientific world.In addition to local and state laws and guidelines, animal research has been regulated by the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) since 1966.Opponents of animal testing say that it is cruel and inhumane to experiment on animals, that alternative methods available to researchers can replace animal testing, and that animals are so different from human beings that research on animals often yields irrelevant results. Anderson Cancer Center's animal research facility, states that "we wouldn't have a vaccine for hepatitis B without chimpanzees," and says that the use of chimps is "our best hope" for finding a vaccine for Hepatitis C, a disease that kills 15,000 Americans annually.

    pros of animal testing essay

    Others argue that while it is wrong to unnecessarily abuse animals, animal experimentation must continue because of the enormous scientific resource that animal modelsanimal models provide.Animal treatments that were developed using animal testing also include remedies for glaucoma and hip dysplasia, as well as pacemakers for heart disease.Because animals as distant from humans as mice and rats share many physiological animal experimentation should end because it is wrong to treat animals merely as tools for furthering knowledge.They are crucial for allowing scientists to learn more about human biology and health, and for developing new medicines.There are some pros that motivate scientists to carry out experiments on these animals. The site is aimed at people who are learning English and taking the IELTS or TOEFL exams in writing or speaking. Thus, it should also be the same with animal testing on cosmetics. It is highly regulated, with laws in place to protect animals from mistreatment.

    pros of animal testing essay pros of animal testing essay

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